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ENERGiE. Repowering the future® was established in late 2012 at the Finanzamt of Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Germany as consultant and supplier of technology in the field of renewable energies with focus on the Latin American energy markets.

Today, the commercial activity is registered in the Finanzamt of Stuttgart, Germany from where develops solar power projects with help of its subsidiaries in Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.



Support development, promotion and construction of environmental friendly projects using renewable primary resources to meet the growing energy demand in the Latin America region.



Consolidate us as the preferred company for its innovation, quality and customer service in the development, promotion and construction of renewable energy projects.



- Provide our clients with a service and/or product of the highest quality at a competitive price and achieving a high customer satisfaction rating.


- Attract foreign investment to the sector of renewable energies in Latin America by providing local support with proven international experience.


- Promote the implementation of projects using renewable energy technologies because of its undeniable contribution to social development.

- Help our clients to migrate, in an active and passive way, their energy supply from power plants using fossil fuels to power plants using renewable resources.


- Change the existing social paradigm by showing that renewable energies projects are viable from an economic and technical perspective.

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