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Site Prospection
Solar Irradiation Measurement
ENERGiE. Repowering the future®


We supply, install, operate and maintain specialized autonomous weather stations measuring solar irradiance and wind speed and direction for the analysis of your prospective site, during project development and operation of the constructed renewable energy plant.

Collection of measured data is done on hourly base via GPRS/GSM or Satellite. And in real-time when land internet connection is available.

ENERGiE Meteo Station (EMS)


Sin medición, no hay predicción® - Without measurement, there is no prediction


EMS in María Elena, Chile.

ENERGiE Meteo Station for Solar Irradiation Meassurement


The station is specifically tailored according to customer needs with the right kind of sensor for measuring the renewable resource of interest. We utilize only top sensor brands such as Kipp & Zonen© (The Netherlands), EKO Instruments© (Japan),

Hukseflux© (The Netherlands), DLR (Germany) and Lufft© (Germany).

ENERGiE Meteo Station with Solar Tracker

- Sun Tracker

- Pyrheliometer First Class

- 2 Pyranometer Secondary Standard

- Wind Speed & Direction

- Precipitation

- Temperature

- Relative Humidity

- Barometric Pressure

- Calibrated PV Cell for soiling detection

- GPRS/GSM modem for data transmission

ENERGiE Meteo Station for Solar Irradiation Meassurement
ENERGiE Meteo Station with Rotating Shadowband


- Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer (RSI)

- Wind Speed & Direction

- Precipitation

- Temperature

- Relative Humidity

- Barometric Pressure

- Calibrated PV Cell for soiling detection

- Satelite modem for data transmission

On-site monitoring now, equals to reducing uncertainty in energy production estimates later

In renewable energy projects, a major area of risk is quantifying the expected annual energy production and uncertainty of that expectation. One of the most significant drivers is the uncertainty in solar irradiance and wind data used for such calculations.

With more financial stakeholders becoming aware of the risks of using modeled data alone to estimate energy and project cash flows, the collection of on‐site measurements is coming to the forefront as a critical area for project planning and evaluated in project due diligence.


Operation and Maintenance On-Field



Our daily data control procedure and our thorough on-site and remote Operation and Maintenance of the station, ensures high quality time series of data. Our local collaborators (direct or sub-contractors) are always ready to take action when required.

We will go wherever it is needed to Operate and Maintain your station.

Services in the life cycle of your energy project
ENERGiE Meteo Station for Solar Irradiation Meassurement


1 of 5 Solar Trackers for the Solar Field Controller

Andasol 3 CSP Power Plant. Granada, Spain

  • Design and configuration of station according to requirements

  • Assessment on configuration when requirements are not clear. We will advise you what is the most cost-effective configuration according to your needs

  • Installation and commissioning of station on-site. When required, we can perform a 72 hours commissioning period using in parallel a commissioner station of equivalent or higher class (ISO 9060 classification). Our stations are pre-commissioned in Germany and shipped to project's site for Plug&Play Installation

  • Daily data monitoring including data retrieval, check of correct equipment operability and data quality control

  • Graphically illustrated summary reports on daily, monthly and annual basis. See an example here

  • Daily, weekly or monthly O&M visits to station by our local team. Full local capability to perform preventive and corrective maintenance tasks

  • Site-Adaptation of ground measurements backwards with 17 years of satellite data to obtain the so called "Site-Adapted Time Series". A data series with a lower bias, minimum RMSD and balanced probability distribution function

  • Integration and O&M of station into the SCADA of the Power Plant for Standard Test Method for Reporting Photovoltaic Non-Concentrator System Performance in compliance with ASTM Designation: 2848-13

You can see here the list of projects where we have helped our clients


The word mark is registered trademark owned by Kipp & Zonen B.V., 2013.

The word mark is registered trademark owned by Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V., 2016.

The word mark is registered trademark owned by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, 2014.

The word mark is registered trademark owned byEKO Instruments Co. Ltd., 2016

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